domenica 21 giugno 2009

FESTinVAN is the ‘road docu-serial’ realised around Europe on board a van set up as a mobile production unit. It focuses on different sorts of festivals - music, design, cinema, visual arts, fashion - in order to report the events, their protagonists and their hosting cities and to describe the dynamics generated by so far-reaching international events.Its language comes from a mix of genres: the travel reportage, the event reportage and parts of fiction that beat the rhythm of every single episode.Videos, photos, unconventional interviews with the artists and the people involved in the festivals, together with a panoramic of the best known places of the cities as well as their unknown spots, make out of FESTinVAN the original reportage for those who want to experience these events from an alternative perspective!
Li ho conosciuti al party di apertura del Sonar09.
1 Format interessante e 4 ragazzi (1girl 3 boys) davvero creativi, intraprendenti e appassionati che meritano un grande successo.

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